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General Questions

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General Questions

What kind of vinyl do you use to make your graphics?

We use Avery and Oracal automotive grade cast vinyl. Premium or high performance cast vinyl is ideal for long term applications on vehicles and boats. Cast vinyl is generally more durable, has higher tack adhesive, maintains it's color longer, low shrinkage and has better formability than calendered vinyl.

We do not use intermediate or premium calendered vinyl for our graphics. Calendered vinyl is thicker which tends to shrink and cause the vinyl to crack. Be cautious when buying vehicle graphics, ask if they use calendered or cast vinyl. There is quality calendered vinyl which is rated for outdoor and indoor applications, but not recommended for automotive use.

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Do your graphics apply to the outside or inside of the window?

Our graphics are applied to the outside, but can also be applied to the inside of a window. If you purchased a graphic from us which has lettering, let us know you prefer to apply it to the inside of the window and we can reverse cut the design so it will read normal from the outside. Other designs which have no lettering can be applied to the inside or outside. The graphic will show up better on the outside. If your windows are tinted and you apply on the inside the graphic will not show up very well.

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Can I apply these graphics to automotive paint? Gel Coat?

Yes. We use automotive grade cast vinyl, which can be applied to vehicle paint or gel coat.

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Do your graphics affect the rear defroster?

No. The defroster does not get hot enough to affect the graphic.

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What color shows up best on windows? Tinted windows?

Lighter colors tend to show up better on tinted and non tinted windows. For example white, silver metallic, light gold metallic, yellow, pink. Lighter colors can be seen from further distances than darker colors. You might not want the graphic to stand out as much, the darker colors are ideal.

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Do car washes affect the sticker?

If applied correctly our graphics hold up very well to automatic or manual car washes. Graphic can be washed and wiped dry. We don't recommend pointing a high pressure nozzle at the graphic for long, as this may cause the graphic to lift or break pieces off.

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Can I use an ice scraper on my decal?

Not a good idea. An ice scraper will break pieces of the graphic off. Scrape around it and use your defroster.

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What affect do wipers have on the graphic?

Newer wiper blades are soft and really don't affect the graphic. Old dry wiper blades can scratch or lift the edges of the vinyl graphic.

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I would like to see what my custom graphic will look like, do you send proofs?

Yes. Let us know the details of the graphic and we can provide a preview before you purchase. Limit 2 per customer.

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How many letters fit on your text tribal designs?

Let us know the design# and text, we can let you know if it can be done. Too many letters will make the text look squished together. We can provide a preview before you purchase.

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Do your graphics come in other sizes?

We can make most of our graphics in other sizes. Let us know which graphic and size you are interested in and we can let you know if it can be done. Price will change depending on size.

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How do I remove decals on a window?

Soapy water and a new razor blade work well to remove graphics from windows or mirrors (Do not use this method on painted surfaces). Or use a hairdryer to warm up the surface and use your fingernail to slowly lift the graphic. If adhesive residue is left on the surface, use an adhesive remover to clean.

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How do I remove decals that are applied to automotive paint?

Use a hairdryer to warm up the surface and use your fingernail to lift the graphic slowly (do not over heat). Heat guns may also be used but be very careful not to over heat the surface, it will burn your paint. Any adhesive residue left behind can be cleaned with an adhesive remover. Car polish can then be used to clean the painted surface. If you are removing large side graphics from a vehicle we recommend you use a vinyl removal disc tool, which you can find at most automotive paint supply stores.

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Shipping - Returns

How long does it take before you ship out my order?

We custom make all of our orders and usually ship within 1-4 business days after payment has been received. Most of our listings include choices for color, design and/or text. Please read listing details and provide us with your choice options available. If we do not receive your info, we can not ship your order.

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How long does delivery take? Domestic

  • We ship with USPS.
  • First Class: Usually takes 2-4 business days for delivery.
  • Priority: Usually takes 2-3 business days for delivery.

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How long does delivery take? International

  • We ship with USPS.
  • First Class International: Usually takes 8-15 business days for delivery (Canada).
  • First Class International: Usually takes 10-15 business days for delivery.
  • Please note international shipments can take up to 30 days if customs holds the package.
  • The customer is responsible for all duties and taxes imposed by the country of import.

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Do you accept returns?

Returns and Exchanges

We will replace or exchange:

  • Typographical errors made by Sticky Creations.
  • Items which are sent the wrong size, color or design by Sticky Creations.
  • If you feel you have a defective item, contact us first before you install the graphic.
  • We may ask that you email us a digital picture of the item in question.

Sticky Creations is not responsible for:

  • Typographical errors made by the customer.
  • Wrong size, color or design made by the customer.
  • Damage caused by shipping. We will add insurance for orders over $50.00
  • Lost or stolen packages.
  • Improper installation of the graphic made by the customer or third parties. This includes but not limited to improper cleaning of the surface, tearing, ripping, chipping, wrinkles, bubbles, lifting. Our graphics are made with high performance automotive grade cast vinyl. With proper installation you should not have any of these issues.

I understand accidents can happen and the installation doesn't always come out perfect, I've had some mess ups during installation myself. I will work with the customer on a case by case situation. I may ask that you send me a picture of the graphic.

Due to the nature of this product we do not accept returns on custom made orders. Products on our site are made to order according to the customers selection from the drop down menus. Please take special care to select proper size and color. (For "Custom Text Designs" double check spelling). Measure your application to see if the size you select will fit. We will send you a confirmation email of your order, please review it and if something is wrong email us right away and we will be glad to make the proper changes to your order before it is shipped. All graphics are inspected for defects before shipping.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.